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Brother will show new products at FESPA in Berlin

  • Publicado el 17 de Mayo de 2022

New products - new technics - new possibilities from Brother, one of the market leaders in the direct-to-garment business. Just a few months ago, we introduced our new printer, the GTX600. This new GTX series member is especially designed for mass production on an industrial level, equipped with a built-in humidifier that helps controlling the environment in the machine, 4 industrial print heads with internal cooling fans for longer continuous print operation and a possible print size up to 61 x 61cm.

Brother will show new products at FESPA in Berlin

These are just a few of many advantages of the GTX600 that support your mass production business. With this new model, we have expanded our GTX series by a third model to meet all the different production requirements – from unique, individual, personalized pieces made with the GTXpro via high volume output with the GTXpro BULK to mass production.

Now that direct printing on leather and polyester has become established with our GTX series printers, we have decided to add the option of DTF printing. All you need is the so-called reversal driver, which is available free of charge from all our certified dealers. This makes our customers even more flexible and allows them toreact optimally to all requirements.

In addition, we are very proud that our new software solution „Brother Myze“ will be released this summer. Brother Myze was developed in-house exclusively for the direct to garment sector by our „Digital Solutions“ department, which was newly founded last year.

In cooperation with some of the mayor manufacturers from a wide range of different business sectors, we have not just created a software solution but a whole package of individual applications that cover all areas and needs of the digital print production. Brother Myze -a customer platform that brings everything together and simplifies daily work.

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