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Wrapping Up Drupa 2024: A Remarkable Journey of Saueressig & Olbrich

  • Publicado el 02 de Julio de 2024

After 11 days of groundbreaking innovation and collaboration, Drupa 2024 in Düsseldorf concluded with resounding success. Hosting 1,643 exhibitors from 52 nations, attracting a staggering 170,000 trade visitors from 174 countries, the fair served as a global hub for showcasing cutting-edge technologies and advancements in the printing industry.

Wrapping Up Drupa 2024: A Remarkable Journey of Saueressig & Olbrich

During Drupa 2024, both the Saueressig and Olbrich brands under Matthews International Cooperation saw significant attendance and interest from visitors worldwide. There is engaged with almost 1000 potential and existing customers from 61 different countries, fostering valuable relationships, and exploring new business opportunities.

Both companies utilized Drupa as a platform to unveil new brand messaging and showcase their technological innovations. Transitioning from "Power Your Ideas" to "Smart Ideas, Smarter Solutions," they reflected their commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions. Saueressig software solutions, including cLynx, SE Matches, and Smart Cylinder, attracted significant interest and secured initial orders, underscoring their technological progress. The fair saw overwhelming interest and positive feedback for AI solutions. The first orders for cLynx.lite were announced during the fair, showcasing its potential to reduce costs and setup times for printing presses. The enthusiasm and feedback from visitors and customers highlighted the significant interest in these innovative solutions.

OLBRICH - Polytype Converting®, one of the world's leading manufacturers of machines and systems for customized coating technologies for various industries, attracted great interest with its services at the Drupa Fair. In Roll-to-Roll (R2R) production processes was introduced how Olbrich and Polytype apply a wide range of surface finishing processes for the paper and film packaging industry, the label industry, technical adhesive tapes/protective films, graphic films and other self-adhesive materials, the medical film industry, the decorative film and paper industry, as well as the technical textile industry, including floor coverings and wallpapers. At the fair, they showcased their extensive product range. The company’s innovative solutions, which include surface finishing processes such as lacquering/coating, drying, and various treatment technologies, received high praise from those seeking new technologies in the industry.

Saueressig and Olbrich took advantage of their presence at Drupa to present at the Touchpoint Packaging area, where they shared insights and innovations with a global audience. Their presentations highlighted the latest advancements in packaging and printing technologies, further establishing their positions as industry leaders. Saueressig and Olbrich contributed significantly to this area with two important topics and products. They shed light on the themes of Connectivity and Sustainability within the Touchpoint Packaging area. Their insights into sustainable, rapid, and human-product focused investment opportunities expanded the horizons of the participants, offering a forward-looking perspective on the industry's future.

Saueressig Matches, which simplifies print specifications using AI and extensive data, was introduced at Touchpoint Packaging area. This tool garnered significant attention for making accuracy and efficiency accessible to everyone. Another outstanding speech was on Sustainable Barrier Coating Technologies for Paper-Based Packaging. The growing demand for eco-friendly solutions amid plastic waste concerns and the breakthroughs enabling high barrier performance on paper were highlighted, emphasizing the role of cutting-edge technologies in creating sustainable, tailored barrier-coated products.

One of the key focuses at Drupa 2024 was sustainability. Both companies implemented eco-friendly practices, such as replacing traditional paper brochures with QR codes, using glassware and porcelainware instead of disposable cups, and adopting the Scan2Lead software with barcode readers to eliminate paper lead forms. Some team members even biked to the fair, demonstrating their commitment to reducing environmental impact.

The success of Drupa 2024 was made possible by the dedication and participation of all involved. The fair provided an exceptional platform for connecting, innovating, and growing within the industry. As Drupa 2024 concludes, the focus of Saueressig and Olbrich now shifts to continuing the momentum of innovation and sustainability in the printing sector, with anticipation for future advancements and breakthroughs.

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