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Schibsted Trykk relocates press and upgrades with DCOS

  • Publicado el 02 de Mayo de 2022

In times when our industry is seeing major print consolidation and printing plants being shuttered, we are pleased to announce our participation in one of the largest printing press relocation and upgrade projects for a long time. Schibsted Trykk Oslo has decided to relocate parts of its massive 22 tower, 5 folder Goss Colorliner press from its city-central location in Nydalen, Oslo to new-built premises in Vestby, 30 minutes east of Oslo.

Schibsted Trykk relocates press and upgrades with DCOS

A modernized press layout with seven towers and two folders in a single level design, with the most modern automation will secure future productivity for Norway’s largest print production plant. DCOS was chosen for the retrofit of the Honeywell control system, the Bosch Rexroth Drive system and a new Closed-Loop Inspection System. The project will be executed in close cooperation with Manroland Goss Web Systems (MGWS) who will be handling the relocation of the equipment and the mechanical modifications.

Bjarne Andersen, CEO at Schibsted says: “We are very excited to be able to invest into the future of printed products. The new press design with the added automation will give us sustainable and efficient production capability. With our long-term partners DCOS and MGWS joining forces to make this project a success, I feel we got the best solution we could ask for”.

The works on getting the new building ready is progressing, so is the preparations for the retrofit and the press relocation. The press preparation in Nydalen is ongoing and in Q4 2022 the press will be relocated.

“This is a huge project with many considerations and we are off to a good start. With several Honeywell retrofits accomplished over the years we have developed a strong technical base, lots of experience and many creative solutions for these projects. The cooperation with Ian Buckley and his team in Preston is really an advantage to the project, their in-depth experience in the Colorliner press is very comprehensive for the project”, says Mattias Andersson, CEO at DCOS.

The DCOS solution in proven on the Colorliner presses in Nydalen. In 2018 Schibsted Trykk invested in DCOS Closed-Loop Density, Color register and cut-off control for one of its press lines in Nydalen. DCOS also added a new page-pack control system for the digital inking and new presetting. This investment returned a huge saving in consumables and the Inspection System we a natural part of the new project.

DCOS Inspection Systems is a range of in-house developed camera based systems for the printing industry. The systems automate a majority of the traditionally manual quality adjustments made in the printing process. This in turn increases productivity and cost effectiveness as waste, start-up time, use of consumables and manning can be greatly reduced. At the same time a high and consistent quality is guaranteed.

DCOS Inspection System measures solid ink micro marks. Offline densitometric measurement of ink solid is proven in the industry for decades, it simple and stable. DCOS has reengineered the concept and developed an online high-speed solution adaptable to any press. This technology is optimized for best performance, repeatability and effectiveness. This is proven at installation across the globe.

DCOS offers custom-designed automated solutions with a focus on user-friendliness, efficiency and reliability – the aim is to maximize the productivity of the customers. DCOS offers a new approach in operation and control systems, operator interfaces, production follow-up and camera-based inspection systems for new and printing press installations, including retrofitting of existing ones. The company has printing press customers across the world and operates a strong service organization based on a network of carefully selected and skilled agents and partners.

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