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Kodak launches with Pigment.inc B.V Europe KODACOLOR EDTG Series Direct to Garment (DTG) Inks

  • Publicado el 21 de Diciembre de 2020

Eastman Kodak Company announces a partnership with Pigment.inc B.V Europe to distribute Kodak’s KODACOLOR EDTG Series Direct to Garment (DTG) inks. The KODACOLOR EDTG Series inks from Kodak were explicitly designed for direct-to-fabric printing on cotton, cotton blends, and polyester fabrics. They are equally adept at printing direct to finished garments or to roll fabrics. This water-based ink is designed to work in digital printers that employ piezo-electric printheads and operates at a very high level of nozzle performance among printheads requiring low viscosity inks.

Kodak launches with Pigment.inc B.V Europe KODACOLOR EDTG Series Direct to Garment (DTG) Inks

Although designed for use in production printing, these inks are also suitable for high quality sampling and strike offs. Kodak is proud to include Pigment.inc B.V Europe as their premier world-wide distributor of the KODACOLOR EDTG Series Inks. Pigment.inc B.V Europe's market knowledge and expertise are recognized worldwide.

This partnership will make the KODACOLOR ink set features available world-wide.

Benefits to KODACOLOR ink users include increased production rates due to the inclusion of features such as short curing time, larger color gamut, more prints before head cleaning, and improved wash. “With Kodak’s focus on quality, all KODACOLOR inks are manufactured at our USA-based ISO 9000-compliant factory,” says Grant French, Director External Ink Sales, Eastman Kodak.

Kodak has been producing and selling digital inks for thermal piezo and continuous inkjet systems since the 1990’s, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to the inkjet business. Kodak has a strong history of innovation and excellence in the key technologies needed to produce superior fabric inks. Customization of fabrics for garments, accessories, upholstery, soft signage is growing, which represents a significant business opportunity for Kodak in the direct to garment and wide format printer industries. KODACOLOR inks are manufactured in Rochester, NY in the USA.

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