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MailStreet automates sheetfed printing with online Tecnau Cut & Stack

  • Publicado el 18 de Noviembre de 2022

MailStreet automates printing with two Tecnau Stack 1010 cut & stack solutions to produce on-demand, data-driven finished applications inline to their Canon VarioPRINT i300 inkjet sheet-fed presses. Doing a good job means going the extra mile every time. While many companies have gone through a difficult period during the pandemic, MailStreet print volumes continued to increase due to a heavy focus on e-commerce marketing and custom applications for their clients, such as personalized items like menus in meal boxes. The company motto is to make data personal by conveying custom messages to specific audiences and increasing the value of communication.

MailStreet automates sheetfed printing with online Tecnau Cut & Stack

In 2020, MailStreet installed their first Tecnau Stack 1010 sheet-fed cut & stack solution inline to a Canon varioPRINT i-300 series press. This made a tremendous difference in delivery times and the company decided to purchased a second system soon after.

The Stack 1010 converts multi-up output sheets into smaller, stacked finished pages without offline guillotine cutters. The system accepts the full range of compatible sheet sizes from the Canon VarioPRINT iX- & i-series digital inkjet presses and it generates 1-up or 2-up offset stacks on an exit conveyor, ready to be dispatched without the need for any further processing.

Lammert van Keulen, Managing Partner at MailStreet, commented: “After years of sheetfed printing & manual handling of printed jobs, we went for a Tecnau Stack 1010 sheet-fed cut & stack solution to automate the complete process inline to one of our Canon varioPRINT i-series presses. By doing so, we reduced labor (considering that the unemployment rate in the Netherlands is very low and there is a scarcity of new workers, this is significant benefit), but even more interesting, we reduced the process lead time. Within 15 minutes after the start of a print job, our staff can start packing the printed materials to be shipped out. In the past, the prints had to go to the finishing department for off-line guillotine cutting, which was a time consuming and manual process with heavy lifting and the chance of creating job integrity errors.

Then he continued, “We were extremely surprised by the Stack 1010 ease of use and ability to change between applications, like for example A3 to A4 and vice versa. Up to the moment we switched to the Tecnau inline cut-sheet solution, it was not completely clear how much time the manual sorting of offline finished applications was taking us. It became immediately clear when the system went in production, after automatically cutting multi-up imposition jobs inline to one of our Canon varioPRINT i-series presses, where sheets were presented in neatly offset- separated stacks on an exit conveyor without any further delay. Also with the system, any possible mistake in manual sheet separation was completely avoided.”

“With Tecnau Stack 1010, from 2019 we have produced millions of documents and we keep increasing our business. Over the years, we received great support from the Tecnau service team, even on Saturdays. However the moments when this was needed can be counted on one hand,” added Lammert van Keulen. “We are now looking to expand the Tecnau finishing solution with a perforating module to provide even more applications to our customers,” he concluded.

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