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SCREEN launches SC+ Chroma Package for its Truepress Jet520HD Series

  • Publicado el 03 de Junio de 2022

SCREEN has announced the launch of the SC+ Chroma Package for the Truepress Jet 520HD series. The comprehensive new solution includes upgraded press hardware and software, a wider colour gamut, and SC+ ink – an enhanced version of the series’ current ink, SC. The Chroma Package will be available for new presses as well part of an upgrade solution for existing Truepress Jet 520HD owners.

SCREEN launches SC+ Chroma Package for its Truepress Jet520HD Series

SCREEN announced the first version of SC ink at international trade fair Drupa – held every four years in Düsseldorf, Germany – in 2016. The ink was designed to be printed on both standard coated and uncoated papers without the need for pretreatment or primer. It met printers’ needs for a quick-drying, fast-absorbing ink without the added costs of premium grade papers or treatments.

Demand for the ink’s capabilities have grown considerably as print markets face ongoing challenges of paper shortages. SC ink provides versatility for those times when last-minute substitutes for paper stock originally requested by customers are necessary. With an expanded gamut and improvements in hue purity, SC+ inks allow printers to match colours in the widest possible range and at a greater accuracy than SC ink.

The Chroma Package’s engineering offers a newly developed waveform to drive the printer's high-definition heads. The SCREEN-developed waveform is a propriety algorithm controlling the precise mass, shape, and placement of each ink droplet on the paper. The Package will include SCREEN professional services and training to help customers tune the press for maximum gamut. The Chroma Package is available now with new presses. SCREEN has also begun the process of scheduling field upgrades for existing customers who choose to convert to the new solution.

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