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Manroland Sheetfed production line in Germany is running at full capacity at least till next March


Manroland Sheetfed production line in Germany is running at full capacity at least till next MarchAccording to Mr. Penuela, Manroland Sheetfed’s headquarters are working hard to provide market organizations in more than 40 countries with the very latest materials in technology, product delivery and services. And they continue to find ways to help the market organisations and their customers in a much more efficient way.

"Manroland Sheetfed subsidiaries, together with our headquarters, are working hard together to reach more deals and be of better service to our customers” Mr. Penuela says. “We roll up our sleeves and approach our customers to see how best we can help them.

“We also offer our highly competitive printing solutions to help them achieve sustainable profitability. Our efforts have been paying off.” According to Mr. Penuela, the sales performance of Manroland Sheetfed has been on track despite the various new challenges facing the global printing market.

Mr. Penuela has always maintained that by adhering to “Customer First” and all the core values that have stood the company well through the years, Manroland Sheetfed would ride out any storms and remain ahead in the printing machine manufacturing industry.

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