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Flexo Wash willshow their latest products at Labelexpo Europe


Danish manufacturer Flexo Wash will be exhibiting a range of cleaning technology from its comprehensive portfolio at Labelexpo in Brussels including a generation of Anilox Cleaners with the focus on easier handling, improved technology and sustainable solutions.The NXT generation and LASER units will lead Flexo Wash’s innovation into the 2020’s, where the company will focus increasingly on easy handling and sustainability, with the primary goal of reducing environmental footprint and creating the most effective automatic cleaning solutions for the printing industry.

Machines on display at the Brussels expo include: Anilox Cleaning: FW 993 XL.NXT – the new generation of anilox cleaners capable of handling up to nine rolls simultaneously. FW Handy Midi 2x2 – the most popular machine for cleaning up to four rolls- FW Handy Mini 2 – the most economical anilox cleaner for cleaning two rolls. FW 2000 LASER – waste-free laser anilox cleaning for cleaning several narrow web rolls or a combination of wide web and narrow rolls in one machine.

Flexo Wash willshow their latest products at Labelexpo Europe

Plate Cleaning: PW 45WR for cleaning 20 metres of plates per hour. Parts Cleaning:

PK 200WR TrolleyLoad - an ergonomic solution that loads parts onto a trolley at the press, which can then be taken to the washing machine. PK Eco Midi – a custom-built solution. All parts washers can be tailored to the specific press used by the customer.

Screen Cleaning: PK 92-1 - cleans screens in just 10 minutes. Environmental solutions: FW Recirculation Unit – re-uses the rinse water from the Flexo Wash anilox cleaners in a closed loop system. PK Filtration Unit - filters ink particles from the cleaning liquid for repeat use. Sedimentation tank - continuously pumps dirty cleaning liquid to a separate sedimentation tank, where heavy pigments and sludge are separated from the cleaning liquid.

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