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OneVision Software with end-to-end workflow at Hunkeler Innovationdays


With its automation software, the German prepress software expert OneVision Software acts as the perfect link – the so-called middleware – between the webshop system/MIS and DFE and thus also sets the focus for its presence at the Hunkeler Innovationdays in Lucerne next February.

"The world’s best manufacturers in the industry will meet in two halls for 4 days to present the next generation of high-performance technology for digital printing and finishing.”. This is what the Hunkeler Innovationdays website says. OneVision's contribution at the Hunkeler Innovationdays from 25-28 February 2019: High-performance automation software that maps an end-to-end workflow from job submission, through MIS, prepress and press to finishing. In order to increase job throughput, optimize print quality and achieve greater profitability in digital printing, a perfect interplay of software and hardware is crucial. After all, more incoming orders with shorter runs in tighter time windows require one thing above all else: automated processes and smooth print production.

OneVision Software with end-to-end workflow at Hunkeler Innovationdays

With more than 25 years of experience in prepress automation, OneVision's software solutions offer printers the opportunity to increase efficiency and profitability through innovative and proven technologies. OneVision Software has developed automation tools that perform typical manual prepress tasks such as preflighting, transparency flattening, PDF normalization, color management, imposition, automatic creation of bleed. These are integrated into an extremely flexible and easy-to-use workflow management system that automatically transfers files from the MIS, navigates through prepress, and sends them to the DFE and the finishing unit.

Depending on the market segment, OneVision Software also offers comprehensive automation suites specifically for the production of book, label and large format printers. In addition to the workflow management system and the prepress package, the suites include innovative functions such as nesting, tiling, automated book spine thickness calculation, and the automatic creation of cross-customer and cross-order collective forms that are specially tailored to the requirements of each segment. The automatic creation of varnish and white masks, the integration of various finishing marks and the application of a wide variety of barcodes ensure a trouble-free finishing process. Communication between the finishing unit, press and OneVision software takes place either in XML or JDF.

The OneVision software solutions can be integrated with all common webshops/MIS. Cooperations with well-known hardware manufacturers such as Canon, EFI, Screen and Zünd enable a seamless interaction of hardware and software for print service providers.

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