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HERMA returns containers for reconditioning


In 2017, self-adhesive materials expert HERMA collected a total of 1,058 so-called Intermediate Bulk Containers, which are used for transport and storage of bulk liquid and granulated substances, to undergo eco-friendly reconditioning. Compared with the use of newly produced containers, this has saved 44.4 tons of steel, 16.9 tons of plastic, and 105.8 tons of CO2 emissions. “By participating in the reconditioning program, we do not only aim at preserving the environment, but also at counteracting current resource shortages to some extent”, explains Dr. Thomas Baumgärtner, HERMA managing director and head of the Self-adhesive Materials Division.

The reconditioning service offered by IBC manufacturer Schütz which is used by HERMA comprises the cleaning and reprocessing of the IBCs’ steel grids and pallets. All components that have come into contact with the content, such as the inner tank, valves, and screw caps, are replaced with original components. The recyclate produced during the reconditioning process is completely reused and turned into pallets, corner guards, and other product components. “The Schütz reconditioning service ensures that the reused IBCs meet the same requirements as before the first fill”, says Michael Mattes, strategic buyer at HERMA. “They provide full product safety while simultaneously improving the environmental footprint of packaging in our supply chain.”

HERMA returns containers for reconditioning

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