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theurer.com C3 ERP/MIS software was presented at FachPack 2018


At the FachPack event, theurer.com presented to visitors with not just one, but several innovations to do with the theurer.com C3 ERP/MIS software for print and packaging production, live and in person. This year, theurer.com showed the newly developed quality assurance module and Mobile Business Intelligence.

theurer.com C3 ERP/MIS software was presented at FachPack 2018New features are available from now on for the increasingly important quality assurance during production. For this purpose, quality assurance tests can be defined which must be executed and documented by production workers under certain conditions. The tests can be assigned to specific product specifications or machines, customers, or order specifications, and can be trigger to be executed interval based or event based. For example, Simple OK / NON-OK tests up to entry of measurements with accepted tolerances are possible.

In the user interface, a user at the machine terminal is prompted to execute and document a particular QS test (for example, "control plates at the beginning of a step" or "measurement foil thickness every 1000m"), depending on the test definition. As a result, a QS test protocol is available for a production order, and this data can be used e.g. certificates of conformity.

Checking in quickly from the road to see what’s going on – that’s what C3 Mobile Business Intelligence offers. The newly developed C3 Mobile Business Intelligence solution gives you mobile access to live data, quickly and conveniently, from anywhere. Dashboards let you keep an eye on key business indicators and operational figures at all times. The specific most important analyses can be put together in an easy-to-use format for each user. This also puts live production data, such as mobile displays of machine status, current production volumes, and present run performance, at the fingertips of users and managers in real time.

C3 Mobile was developed using the latest technologies and concepts, such as HTML5 and responsive design, so it can be used on any device, from smartphones and tablets to computers.

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