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Perfect opacity with maximum migration safety with Herma


The advantages of the new, low-migration opaque HERMAperfectOpaque adhesives are now also available for film labels: Self-adhesives specialist HERMA extends its range of standard products in this field, adding the material HERMA PP white extra topcoat (grade 880). This polypropylene film allows users to produce visually very appealing, glossy, non-transparent labels. For recycling reasons, these labels are preferably used on PP surfaces.

Thanks to its special surface treatment, the film also ensures optimal printing quality with standard printing methods, such as UV flexo printing and UV letterpress printing, making it ideally suited for use on cosmetics or food products. “The new opaque adhesives’ special feature is that they can be combined with virtually all standard label materials – this film proves it once again. Label printers and users can therefore take advantage of a greater range. They no longer need to settle for such a limited range of coloured label materials”, says Ralf Drache, Sales Director Germany and Head of Marketing at HERMA Self-Adhesive Materials.

At the same time, HERMA’s multi-layer technology sidesteps the disadvantages of conventional adhesives: Since these adhesives are usually coloured with carbon particles, they usually do not receive approvals for food applications. The HERMAperfectOpaque range uses a new pigment, and the adhesives have therefore received the approval for direct contact with foodstuffs. The new PP film is combined with the opaque HERMA adhesive 62Gpo. First introduced at the 2017 Labelexpo in Brussels, this adhesive can cover even critical applications requiring, for instance, extremely high tack or featuring damp and/or cool substrate surfaces. The opacity achieved by means of the multi-layer technology matches that of previous methods.

The opaque standard product range which is available at short notice currently also includes the white adhesive label papers HERMAextracoat (grade 242) and HERMAlaser sheet (grade 135) as well as the white thermal paper HERMAtherm top M (grade 912). “If requested by customers, we will of course also produce different label materials featuring the opaque adhesives”, says Drache. Thanks to the special pigment qualities, HERMA is currently the only manufacturer capable of producing opaque thermal Eco adhesive materials. Unlike carbon, which was used until now, the new colour pigments will not affect the thermal reaction.

Perfect opacity with maximum migration safety with Herma

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