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Feldmuehle focussing on a successful mix in its development of its graphic portfolio


The high-quality graphic portfolio of Feldmuehle Uetersen GmbH stands for consistent quality and delivery reliability as well as special product and processing characteristics. Quedlinburg Druck GmbH benefits from these advantages when using the fine paper Exceo. In the further development of its graphic product range, Feldmuehle will continue to rely on appearance, touch as well as additional benefits.

As part of the preliminary insolvency proceedings, the initiated realignment is consistently continued. In order to extend the product portfolio in the second quarter, intensive work with focus on whiteness and brightness is being carried out.

Feldmuehle’s graphic portfolio includes fine papers and SBS board. With VivaCard the company offers a cardboard with unique feel and with Exceo a fine paper especially designed for the needs of publishers and printing houses. The paper is ideal for graphical end uses with highest demands on accurate reproduction of the original image in sheet-fed offset presses. It is characterised by whiteness and brightness, optimal smoothness and in particular by superior processing properties. Up to a grammage of 200 g/m² the material can be folded without prior creasing.

Feldmuehle focussing on a successful mix in its development of its graphic portfolio

“With Exceo we have a paper available convincing us in every respect”, says Jürgen Müller, Managing Director at Quedlinburg Druck GmbH. “In the production of demanding calendar motifs, we can rely on outstanding finishing results and very good runnability. And our customers are impressed by the printing results.” In addition, the printing house profits from a particular product advantage for flyers and brochures: “We can save one work step and produce more efficiently as the 200 g/m² paper we use on a large scale also offers an exceptional folding image without notch.”

“In product development we strive for an ideal mix of product features which convince both end users and converters”, explains Marcus Weise, Director Graphical Options at Feldmuehle. “Besides a distinctive look and feel we also try to realise an additional benefit. With Exceo we have succeeded very well with that. We are pleased that many printing houses are already successfully using this processing advantage.”

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