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BG Reklam can now process POP materials much more efficiently with Zünd G3 cutter


Located in Belgrade (Serbia), BG Reklam GmbH, is widely recognized as the go-to provider for high-quality, permanent POP/POS products. The company, which was founded in 2001, now has more than 170 employees and subsidiaries in Vienna and London. BG Reklam considers flexibility to be a key component of the company's success. By handling its entire value chain in house, BG Reklam can respond to demands in the shortest possible amount of time. In an effort to further expand the company's production capacity, BG Reklam recently added a high-performance Zünd G3 XL-3200 cutting system.

The configuration included the powerful RM-L 3.6kW router module combined with the fully automated router bit changer ARC. "By investing in cutting and routing technology from Zünd, we were able to optimize and accelerate our production processes. At the same time, we also saw significant increases in quality," states Luka Stanic, BG Reklam's CEO. The company has grown considerably in the past several years and has also been able to gain access to new markets. Stanic continues: "We do work for many well-known brands all over Europe and beyond. Our production facility now extends over 3000 m2 and employs state-of-the-art production technologies. As of recently, this also includes a Zünd G3 cutter."

When it comes to quality and reliability, BG Reklam refuses to compromise. This is especially true for production equipment. We need reliable industrial production systems capable of performing around the clock. The G3 cutter, known for its extraordinary reliability, offers us precisely that kind of security." In addition, the new cutter has brought with it a degree of flexibility that is indispensable in today's production environment: "With the Zünd cutting system and the various processing methods it offers, we are able to cut so many different materials. In our evaluation process at Zünd headquarters in Altstätten, we really put the G3 cutting system through its paces, experimenting with different speeds, a wide range of diverse materials, different thicknesses, and the new RM-L router module in particular. The Zünd ended up meeting every one of our production requirements. Beyond that, there was the high degree of automation we were able to add with the fully automated router bit changer ARC. With the ARC, time-consuming bit changes have become a thing of the past. Even in terms of cut quality, we entered a new realm."

BG Reklam can now process POP materials much more efficiently with Zünd G3 cutter

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