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Photokeeps has launched its new web store thanks to Taopix


Photokeeps Managing Director, Luc Miranda, and her husband have been involved in the manufacturing of photo books for photographers for close to 10 years but this is their first venture into the consumer market. Luc’s background as a marketing strategist for a global soft drinks manufacturer however has proved to be invaluable in her new role.

“We realised that there is a growing market in the Philippines for consumer-centric photo products and the combination of our skills meant that we have the right mix of experience and marketing knowledge to really take our passion for preserving memories in a new direction.” “We decided to invest in a FujiXerox digital press with Horizon finishing equipment to deliver a high quality but affordable range of photo books as the first phase of our go to market strategy. The plan is to roll out more personalised photo products and expand on the demographic although mums will still be our core focus.”

“The introduction and expansion of fast internet speeds in our cities have given our customers the freedom to use our ready-made photo book templates to design and order online from the comfort of their own homes.” “We involved a group of mums in our soft launch project and they gave us excellent feedback on our website, themed books, and the quality and usability of our software. They were so happy with their photo books! My team and I felt so gratified to receive so much positive response from our customers.”

Photokeeps has launched its new web store thanks to Taopix

“Our plan is to use social media marketing heavily in our campaigns going forward. I’ve discovered that mums at home really don’t use much of email any more, and social media, especially Facebook, is their preferred communication platform.” “Taopix too, has given us a very robust and flexible platform to support our growing photo book business. We’re really just starting to realise the breadth of products we can sell and manufacture through this amazing tool.”

“I love the Taopix team! They are very responsive. All the guys have the same grounded, passionate and down to earth attitude. It is a delight to work with them.” Taopix Business Development Manager for the region, Les Bovenlander, was instrumental in the negotiations to bring Photokeeps on board and is looking forward to the future: “Luc and her team are a formidable force, and if anyone has the right skillset to make a success of this venture, it’s definitely them. We’ll obviously continue to strive to deliver new features and functionality that will help them bring more customers on board but it’s their passion and consumer marketing expertise that will undoubtedly make the difference.”

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