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Fairfax Media Limited begins its process free journey with KODAK SONORA NEWS Plates


Fairfax Media Limited, an innovative and digitally progressive media company with 13 facilities in Australia and New Zealand is making a move to more sustainable plate making by switching to KODAK SONORA NEWS Process Free Plates, KODAK LIBRA Digital Plates and KODAK Platesetters.

The integration of Kodak’s plate and CTP technology positions Fairfax Media to deliver on its goal to drive greater cost efficiencies, automation, and increased sustainability into its daily operations. Fairfax will switch 70% of its plate volume to KODAK SONORA NEWS Plates, which are designed specifically for newspapers, allowing the company to eliminate the costs, time and environmental impact of plate processing while offering the productivity that is ideal for a fast-paced newspaper operation. This transition will remove the costs of 16 processors from various sites, while eliminating over 60,000 liters of chemistry per year.

The remaining 30% of plate volume will utilize Kodak’s violet, low chemistry solution, KODAK LIBRA VP Plates. The switch to LIBRA Plates will also contribute to Fairfax’s productivity and sustainability by simplifying processing with the replacement of their traditional developer and replenisher with a single clean-out finisher. Fairfax Media can further increase efficiency and save water by using an easy chem setup that eliminates the plate wash steps.

Fairfax Media Limited begins its process free journey with KODAK SONORA NEWS Plates

“We are delighted to partner with Fairfax Media to help them meet their goals to bring even greater efficiencies to their operations, expand their business into more high-resolution, high quality commercial work, while also improving their sustainability,” said Brad Kruchten, President Print Systems Division, Senior Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company.

Bob Lockley, Group Director of Print & Distribution Australasia at Fairfax Media: “The introduction of KODAK Technology is an important part of our business strategy to meet our current and future requirements to run a high quality, efficient and sustainable production. With the combination of SONORA NEWS Plates and Kodak’s thermal imaging technology, Fairfax Media will be able to lower costs from the elimination of chemical processing, save energy from lower power consumption, while also opening up opportunities to provide new levels of service for our customers.”

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