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SCHAWK Nuremberg receives FlexoExpert certification


SCHAWK is a world-leading full service partner in the packaging industry. Originally focused on the production of rubber plates for flexible packaging, today’s customers are offered a full-service package that includes everything from design and repro to printing forms. As well as providing global coverage to marketers, SCHAWK also offers regional connections and local insight, which is key to achieving brand consistency, accuracy and workflow efficiency. Delivering the highest print and colour quality and continuously optimising their printing plate production is at the heart of SCHAWK Nuremberg’s operations. Encouraged by such endeavours, SCHAWK Nuremberg participated in Flint Group’s FlexoExpert Certification Programme and, in spring 2017, became an official FlexoExpert.

During a six-month process consisting of three main steps – evaluation and training, implementation, and auditing – the FlexoExpert Certification Programme provides the means by which plate makers can further optimise their workflow processes to make more reliable and consistent plates time and time again. With the guidance of a Flint Group expert, SCHAWK Nuremberg implemented the programme and passed the final audit to earn the honour of the FlexoExpert certification for its plate-making processes and, in so doing, became the second site within the SCHAWK network, after Jülich, to receive FlexoExpert certification. The certification serves as proof to its customers that the company follows best practice in its flexo plate-making, meaning customers can count on SCHAWK to provide plates of an even more superior quality.


“Fuelled and enriched by the discussions with Flint Group experts, our participation in the FlexoExpert Certification Programme offered the opportunity to challenge and enrich our understanding of quality even further,” says Frank Brief, Customer Service Team Manager at SCHAWK Nuremberg. “The combination of a high level of expertise, along with in-depth analytical understanding, made our participation a valuable exercise which will allow us to continue providing outstanding quality for our customers,” he continues. All of SCHAWK’s global sites will follow Nuremberg and Jülich’s lead by participating in the FlexoExpert Certification Programme. This will support the company in its aspiration to achieve a global standard and comparison.

With its plate-making expertise and focus on service, Flint Group first introduced the programme in April 2016, and offers it to customers around the globe who are interested in broadening their knowledge on the standardisation of the flexo plate-making process.

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