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Massivit 3D to demonstrate business-enhancing potential of large format 3D printing at Fespa 2017


Massivit 3D Printing Technologies today announced that it will use FESPA 2017 to demonstrate how large format print providers can increase business revenues and enhance their competitive edge with its flagship Massivit 1800 3D Printer. Highlighting how the Massivit 1800 enables the rapid creation of unique eye-catching applications beyond those that can be achieved with 2D large format printing solutions, the showcase of sign and display projects on Massivit’s stand (Stand A4-C20) will include.

An eye-catching illuminated 1.6m-tall (5.2ft) fragrance bottle – illustrating how the technology is transforming the way high-level retail, marketing and advertising projects are created. These objects also exemplify the increased visual impact to better engage target audiences.

An intricate 1.5m (4.9ft) ‘spilled’ milk carton – emphasising the greater design freedom that print providers can enjoy when creating cutting-edge, bespoke applications. This paves the way for print providers to maintain their competitive edge by differentiating their offering and could potentially future-proof their business while opening the door to the new markets.

A 3.2m-tall (10.5ft) mythical Greek sculpture – demonstrating the premium, larger-than-life capabilities of the Massivit 1800 3D Printer. Using the technology, print providers can elevate traditional applications to new levels, enabling the production of innovative themed projects, exhibition ‘graphics’ and even up-scaled vehicle wraps. With the ability to quickly 3D print large and complex objects, customers can now add a new dimension to their business as well as shave weeks off their production methods. Visitors will hear and see how Massivit 3D’s customers are pushing the boundaries of the technology and exploring next generation applications. This is exemplified by specialist 3D print provider, OMUS, who created the ‘world’s first’ 3D printed pop-up store for luxury fashion house, Louis Vuitton.

Designed to serve as a statement megastructure for the launch of the brand’s latest menswear collection, OMUS enlisted the help of another Massivit 3D customer, Sydney-based Composite Images, to produce the visually-striking 9m-wide, 10m-long and 2.7m-high (29.5ft x 32.8ft x 8.85ft) store. The companies utilised the Massivit 1800’s dual print heads to produce over 30 structurally sound panels to act as the walls of the outlet in just 18 days. Adorned in mirror self-adhesive vinyl, the completed store delighted Louis Vuitton and its design agency in terms of its striking appearance and ability to radiate the opulence of the brand’s new line. Shortlisted for the FESPA Awards 2017, a miniature replica of the pop-up store will be on display at the show.

“As the leading European trade show for large format print providers, FESPA 2017 is a fantastic platform to showcase how our flagship technology truly sets applications apart from the competition,” says Lilach Sapir, VP Marketing and Business Development at Massivit 3D. “Offering flexibility, creativity and unique business proposition, the Massivit 1800 allows print providers to enjoy huge new creative opportunities and drive profitable growth.”

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